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Young, Beginning, Small Farmers : What You Need to Know

young farmer in corn field

How do you know which lender is the right choice to finance your first farm? If you haven't already, you should consider asking a Plains Land Bank lender about our YBS loan program; this loan program is ideal for farmers or ranchers who are just starting out and looking to bring their dream to life.

As with any farm loan, you need to make sure you qualify before you apply. Here's what you need to know before you apply for the YBS loan program.

YBS: Young, Beginning, Small

The YBS loan program covers a very specific range of borrowers. To qualify, a farmer or rancher must either be:

  • Young: under the age of 35 at the time of the loan transaction;
  • Beginning: in possession of 10 years or less of experience at the time of loan transaction; or
  • Small: producing less than $250,000 annual gross sales.
  • Plains Land Bank understands that the future of agriculture depends on a new generation of ag producers. We offer flexible underwriting standards to accommodate the needs of producers who are just beginning their farm or ranch.

A Good Local Land Lender is On Your Side

Applying for ranch or farm loan financing can be a complicated, time-consuming business. Farmers and ranchers should work with banks and credit unions they can trust.

There's a good chance that you'll be with that particular bank or credit union for the duration of your loan; do your research and go in prepared before choosing your local land lender.

Find a lender that will help you through the application process and give you the time you need, from application to closing, to make sure all your real estate affairs are in order. It's also helpful to find a bank that will work with the Farm Service Agency programs to help you secure the down payment for your land purchase.

Building the agricultural empire of your dreams isn't impossible; start investing in your future today with a YBS loan from Plains Land Bank.