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Notice Regarding Frost Bank Lockbox Security Incident


We recently learned that Frost Bank is investigating a security incident involving unauthorized access to electronic check images stored in Frost Bank's lockbox software program that serves about 470 of Frost Bank's commercial customers. Through our association with Farm Credit Bank of Texas, Plains Land Bank uses the Frost Bank lockbox payment processing service to allow our customers to send payments to a central post office box for processing. Frost Bank reported that it stopped the unauthorized access and that it is cooperating with law enforcement to investigate the incident.

At this time, Frost Bank's investigation is ongoing, and we do not know if any of our customers' checks were affected in the incident. However, only those customers who mailed payment checks to the lockbox at P.O. Box 1569, San Antonio, TX 78296 could potentially be affected. We are working with Frost Bank to obtain more information about the incident, to determine if any Plains Land Bank customers' checks may have been affected, and if so, to obtain a list of such potentially affected customers. Any customers whose checks are determined to have been potentially affected in this incident will be notified directly.

We encourage all customers to closely monitor their bank accounts for any unusual activity. If you identify suspicious activity on your account, you should immediately report the activity to your financial institution.

We take the security of your information very seriously, and we regret any inconvenience or concern this incident may cause you. For additional information, please review Frost Bank's notice about the incident, which is available at