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2021 Board of Directors Election Results


Following the Plains Land Bank Annual Stockholder’s Meeting held on Thursday, April 15, mail-in ballots were mailed out on Thursday, April 29, to all designated voters for the 2021 Board of Directors election.

Eligible Voters: 1,148
Total Returns: 205
Percent Returned: 17.86%

The following candidates were elected or re-elected to a 3-year term beginning in June 2021:

Place VII: Briscoe & Floyd Counties, on the Caprock:
Winner – Lyle Miller (incumbent)

Place VIII: Motley County, that portion of Hall County in our territory, and all that portion of Floyd & Briscoe Counties, east of the Caprock:
Winner – Walter “Rusty” Henson (incumbent)

Place IX: Entire Association – Chartered Territory (16 ¼ Counties):
Winner – Ryan T. Berry

For any additional questions regarding the Plains Land Bank Annual Stockholder’s Meeting or 2021 Board of Directors Election results please contact your local branch office.