Plains Land Bank Locations

Plains Land Bank has four locations all across the Texas Panhandle. 

Located in Amarillo, Pampa, Perryton, and Plainview, each of our bank branches serves residents from multiple counties. Our seasoned agricultural lenders are ready to help you find financing that suits your real estate needs. 

Plains Land Bank was created as part of the Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916 to increase credit for rural family farmers. The act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. Since the beginning, the National Farm Loan Association acted as a cooperative meaning the borrowers also owned shares of the association. We are a cooperative that operates under the Farm Credit Systems. Not only do customers enjoy competitive interest rates, but they also own shares of the association.

To showcase our commitment to rural communities and agriculture, we designed the Young, Beginning & Small (YBS) Loan Program. Through the initiative we support farmers who are just starting out and help them achieve their dreams faster. To qualify as a “young borrower,” you need to be a farmer, rancher, or producer age 35 or younger.

A “Beginning Borrower” has 10 or less years of agricultural experience, while a “Small Borrower” earns less than $250,000 in annual gross sales of agricultural or aquatic products.

Ready to finance your first farm or expand an existing one? Visit one of our locations today!

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